Ingleside Wellness Centre

Welcome to Ingleside Wellness Centre Badminton Club page.

Secretary: Tenisha Shim You
Phone: 876-354-8509
Name Position Email Phone #
Courtney Henry President 876-579-9542
Jackie Huang Vice-President 876-381-2988
Tenisha Shin You Secretary 876-354-8509
Davina Turner Treasurer 876-370-0093
Marlon Suckie Assistant Treasurer 876-568-7307
Kevin Morgan Public Relations Officer 876-449-6653
Sex Name Division Email
Female Antoinette Ingleton B
Female Esther Roberts C
Female Meleta Powell D
Female Tenisha Shim You D
Female Davina Turner D
Female Jay-Ann Collins D
Male Yeineish Lee D
Male Steven Stewart D
Male Marlon Suckie D
Male Manoj Reddy D
Male Kevin Morgan D
Male Jackie Huang D
Male Triston Thompson D
Male James Cao D
Male Courtney Henry D
Male Robert McKay D
Male Damani Turner
Male Rupert Megee
Male Kevin Jones
Male Bryan Ingleton
Male Damani Collins
Monday – Thursday
5:00 – 10:00pm
Ingleside Wellness Centre
Centre Of Ingleside Drive & Badminton Terrace,
Mandeville, Manchester
To be updated