What is NABUCO?

NABUCO  was formed in November 1997 by Joseph Clarke after he returned from Guatemala in September 1997 having earned Pan Am Accredited status as an Umpire. He became Jamaica’s 1st internationally certified Umpire and one of the first 5 in the Pan Am zone as Pan Am now moved towards certifying international umpires to develop the region.

NABUCO Courses began in 1998 with 2 levels locally. First level is the Junior National and the second level Senior National. Plaques were awarded to successful candidates at the annual JBA Awards ceremony. Some of the early graduates and members who were sucessful and received certification are: Roger Blair, Philip Hawthorn, Ricardo Teape, Anton Thompson, Nicole Case, Robert Daley, Heather Seixas, Gregory Wong, Audley Astwood, Lisco Jackson, Fleur Gooden, Ricardo Livingston, and Trevor McCain.

NABUCO courses were designed not only for professional umpires but also to educate the coaches, senior club members and representatives of national teams.

In September 1999 at the US Open – Joseph Clarke passed his assessments and became Jamaica’s 1st and only Pan Am Certified Umpire, at that time making him the highest ranked Umpire outside of the US and Canada. Due to the success of NABUCO in developing local umpires as the Chairman of NABUCO and the main Assessor he was invited to join the Pan Am Courts Officials Committee to develop International Umpires in the Pan Am zone. In November 1999 at the Jamaica International Ricardo Teape and Anton Thompson sat the international assessments and became Pan Am Accredited Umpires. In 2002 Joseph Clarke became Jamaica’s 1st and the Caribbean’s 2nd ever BWF Accredited Umpire. In 2003 Fleur Gooden became Jamaica’s 1st Female Pan Am Accredited Umpire (Jamaica’s 4th overall). NABUCO was one of the most successful training bodies up to 2003 in the region.

Clarke served as Chairman of NABUCO from 1997 – 2002. Anton Thompson became new Chairman in 2003. Unfortuanately the association became dormant for several years.

In 2011 Jamaica hosted the Pan Am Jnr Championships and 6 other umpires were Accredited: Sean Forester, Trevor McCain, Annmarie Watson, Crystal Blake, Brahim Diop, Brian Walker (who is our youngest international Umpire at 17yrs having just graduated from Wolmers Boys 6th Form).

The current Executive of NABUCO is:

Now that NABUCO has been re-activated it will include in its training programme, seminars to develop Referees as Jamaica has only One (1) International Pan Am Certified Referee (Joseph Clarke) who was the first to be certified from the Caribbean region.