Team Badminton

To Badminton enthusiasts and friends:

Get Fit with us!The Jamaica Badminton Association is encouraging participation of our members as Team Badminton, in various 5Ks. K stands for kilometer, which is equivalent to 0.62 mile. A 5k race = 3.1 miles. Just start running or walking in a 5K race even if you do not finish the first race. If you finish you have won. We are also asking everyone or anyone to walk or run with us in these 5Ks. Below you will see a list of where we will be and you can recognize us from our shirts with a HUGE shuttle cock on it.

Registration can always be done on Running Events Jamaica.

If you are interested in joining any of our races with us in our “Badminton, the fastest racket sport” – Shirts with a huge ‘Shuttle’.


No scheduled events at this time