About the Jamaica Badminton Association

aboutusBadminton was introduced in Jamaica in 1927 and 10 years later the Jamaica Badminton Association was formed. Following the formation of the association in 1937, the first All Jamaica Championships were held, but only doubles events were played. Badminton experienced a huge setback in Jamaica because of 11 years of inactivity. However, badminton was revived in 1953 when a number of clubs came together and approved a revised constitution for the association. Andrew Aguillar was then elected president and the All Jamaica Championship was revived.

The following year the Jamaica Badminton Association was accepted as a member of the world governing body – the International Badminton Federation. Jim Leslie, a Scottish International player who was residing in Jamaica, dominated the sports from 1952 to 55. He won the men’s title during those years after competing for his native country Scotland for eight years.



  • To promote Badminton and fitness in Jamaica and the Caribbean.
  • To raise awareness of Badminton and our facilities and achievements.
  • To assess existing clubs and facilities.
  • To draw up a list of clubs, facilities and contacts for our Badminton fraternity.
  • To encourage people to join clubs for exercise and health.
  • To lobby the JOA and Jamaican sports authorities for improved facilities in Jamaica.
  • To raise a teams that will represent us competitively in all local and regional championships.
  • To vigorously pursue available grants to further enhance the standing of Badminton in Jamaica



  • Creating a first world Jamaican Badminton website.
  • We will meet at least bi-weekly until these objectives are met.
  • Being inclusive and open to the JOA, other sports and leisure organizations and individuals.
  • Ensuring that everyone works together for the common good of Baminton.
  • Lobbying constantly for improved facilities where needed from the powers that be.
  • Working together with Jamaican organisations and charities to enhance the standing and awareness of the benefits of Badminton.
  • Learning from the experiences of others.

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